Birth Issues: This Time Will Be Different

Our very own Nathan Chan had the honor of putting his knowledge as a doula and surrogacy supporter to work for BIrth Issues Magazine. Birth Issues is a quarterly publication filled with beautiful birth stories and informative articles about pregnancy, birth, and parenting.

Nathan’s article This Time Will Be Different was published in Spring 2018.

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Postpartum Reflections

The days following giving birth to my surro-baby continued on as normal. There were birthday parties to be had, school, and kids afterschool activities. I was stuck in this after birth limbo- life had to go on, but how could it? I had a sore bottom, huge, tender breasts, and hormones like a roller coaster ride. Was this what I had expected?

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The Skinny on Skin to Skin

You may have heard about the importance of skin-to-skin time with your baby and you may not have. Skin-to-skin has many benefits, but when becoming a parent through surrogacy, we think the most important part of skin-to-skin is the bond it helps to...

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Safe Beauty Tips For Surrogates During Pregnancy

Whether you consider yourself a minimalist or hoarder when it comes to beauty items, habits and preferences, some changes should be taken into consideration when preparing to become a gestational carrier (or in preparation for your own baby). There are...

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Celebrating Pregnancy Milestones During Surrogacy

Surrogacy, while bringing many individuals and couples joy and happiness, also has the potential to become loss and heartbreak. At any point during your journey, whether after the transfer or during the pregnancy or birth, tragedy can strike,...

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