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Can I be a Surrogate if I am a Vegan?

Contrary to popular misconception, people who eat plant-based diets do not need to start consuming meat and other animal products to have a healthy pregnancy.   What is veganism?   Vegetarians eat plant-based diets and may or may not also consume dairy,... read more

What if the Surrogate Keeps the Baby?

After years of struggle with infertility, they finally found the perfect surrogate, IVF is a success, and their family dream is finally a reality. Nine long months of pregnancy, the happy couple arrive at the hospital to meet their new baby only to be shut out of the... read more

How to Support a Surrogate Mother

Surrogacy, in the simplest way, means to give the “God’s biggest Gift” to some needful family. It is about giving intended parent’s the beautiful feeling of becoming parents of a baby which everyone deserves. Giving someone the world’s best feeling of becoming proud... read more

Guest Post: Doulas Don’t Do That!

A bowl of popcorn, a glass of wine, and some great re-runs on Netflix. Doulas are increasingly being mentioned in popular TV series such as Bones, Frasier, Brooklyn nine-nine, and Gilmore Girls. While I couldn’t be happier about the increasing awareness that... read more

Will I have legal aid and advice?

Surrogacy is legal in Canada but unlike other countries, the rules there are a bit different. The laws pertaining to surrogacy in Canada are quite clear. For instance, the Intended Parents are not supposed to pay the Surrogate Mother for her Surrogacy. Compensation to... read more

Why Be a Surrogate?

Surrogacy is the act whereby a woman carries and gives birth to a child for another couple. This is just a surface definition but truth be told, a Surrogate Mother is a super human who makes the dreams of many couples come true. This is because children are a... read more

Benefits of Having a Doula

At Proud Fertility, we ensure that every Surrogate Mother has the support of a Doula. Intended Parents who come to Proud Fertility are educated the importance of this additional support person for not only the Surrogate Mother, but also to the Surrogate Mother’s... read more

Why Gay Men Want a Known Egg Donor

The Gay Surrogacy Journey Finding a suitable Egg Donor has its challenges, even more complicated, when it comes to finding one that you can count on through your Surrogacy journey. This is why sometimes selecting a Known Egg Donor can be often the best choice. Many... read more