10 Things a Surrogate Should Decide Before Choosing Intended Parents

Every surrogacy journey is different. It will be important that you choose Intended Parents that have the same values as you do. Knowing what you want from your surrogacy journey will ensure a rewarding experience. Prior to meeting Intended Parents and considering... read more

Is Age Just a Number When it Comes to Being a Surrogate?

Whether you are already a grandparent or it’s just been a really long time since you were last pregnant, you may wonder if you can become a Surrogate. We meet women from all walks of life and all ages who would love to give the gift of parenthood to others but are... read more

I’d Love To Be a Surrogate But My Tubes Are Tied

I have great news for you!   You can still be a Surrogate if your tubes are tied. You don’t even need to have fallopian tubes to be a Surrogate Mother.   Tubal ligation is a procedure many people undergo as a form of permanent birth control. In fact,... read more

7 Ways to Reveal Your Baby’s Gender

Having a baby is the best reason to celebrate! Endless congratulations and so much excitement mean there’s always a reason to throw a party!   Today’s parents aren’t restricted to a traditional ladies-only baby shower! More and more moms and dads to be are... read more

Understanding Prenatal Screening and Tests

There are many tests that one can undergo when pregnancy to ensure the health of the pregnant person and the health of the baby.   For most pregnant people, it is simplest to go with the flow and have the tests the doctor recommends and trust that your doctor... read more

Genetic Testing: Is Safe Always Better Than Sorry?

I am present in many online forums for hopeful parents through IVF and/or surrogacy. I am often the first person clients and friends connect with to talk out any decisions they need to make on their surrogacy journey. One of the biggest decisions Intended Parents need... read more

The Waiting Game: Surviving the Two-Week Wait

The two-week wait, or 2WW as it’s often referred to in online forums for people TTC (TTC = Trying to Conceive), is a torturous time between an embryo transfer and the first beta test to confirm pregnancy.   Following each embryo transfer, hopeful Parents and... read more

Birth Centers are a Great Option for Surrogates

I was recently invited on a tour of Arbour Birth Center in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.   Arbour Birth Center is specifically designed to be a safe and comfortable place for people to give birth. The center was designed based on the belief that pregnancy and birth... read more

Music for Your Womb

I have to say I was a little star struck when Matthew Olshefski, agreed to take over the Proud Fertility Facebook Page and live stream our big announcement.   If you’re not familiar with Matthew Olshefski, he is the Shirtless Violinist! He has become a social... read more

Maternity Shopping Tips for Surrogate Moms

Proud Fertility teamed up with Ella Bella Maternity to showcase some great maternity wear available in Ella Bella Maternity’s shop in Calgary or online for our Surrogate Mother’s across Canada. The gorgeous and sweet Carmen was our model for the day. She is halfway... read more