Placenta Encapsulation for Surrogate Mothers

Placenta encapsulation might be the latest rage among Surrogates in countries like Canada and USA but this is an age-old practice followed in countries like China. Recently, people are becoming aware of the benefits of eating the placenta after childbirth. Surrogate... read more

She Broke The Silence of Infertility

You are not alone. For over 20 years, I’ve lived with the reality that my body is incapable of creating life. When initially telling others about my former husband’s and my inability to have children, I spoke about being ‘infertile’. Many assumed that with the... read more

I Fulfilled My Family Dreams Through Surrogacy

“Sometimes on the way to your dream, you get lost and find a better one.” – Lisa Hammond I set out on my surrogacy journey to build a family. It’s funny how life doesn’t always go the way you expect, and the outcome that you have pictured in your mind is not always... read more

Can Surrogate Mothers Have Sex During Pregnancy?

Surrogacy is not only one of the best escapes out for infertile couples; it is also a possible substitute for adoption. However, finding a surrogate mother could be a troublesome issue. These days, to solve the problem there are a number of agencies around the... read more