Fulfill Your Family Dreams.

You’re ready to create a family. We’re here to guide you on your journey to fulfilling your family dreams through egg donation and surrogacy in Canada.

Partnering with Canadian surrogacy consultancy, Proud Fertility ensures a legal, safe, stress-free arrangement between all parties.


Become an Intended Parent


Proud Fertility offers Intended Parents a no obligation consultation with one of our experienced surrogacy in Canada experts. We will lay out the process of finding the perfect surrogate, egg donor, fertility clinic, legal support and more.


Our boutique style agency offers you: 

  • A customized plan so you’re always prepared for the next step.
  • Personalized support, ensuring constant access to an expert that can answer your questions.
  • Our carefully vetted network of worldwide resources.


When consulting Proud Fertility, you can expect professional, individual support. We will prepare you for meeting your surrogate and egg donor. You’ll come to rely on our ongoing support, as we help manage all aspects of your journey to parenthood through surrogacy.


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