Give the Greatest Gift of life

Everyone deserves to have a child. We can make it happen at Proud Fertility. Join us in our journey of giving.

As a Surrogate Mother,

you become part of a legacy that will impact a family’s life forever.


Surrogacy Interest Form

If you become a Surrogate Mother or gestational carrier, this is one of the greatest gifts you can give to those unable to carry a baby themselves, whether that is due to their infertility, being in a same sex relationship or being single. Surrogates have a special bond with Intended Parents, as she is offering someone a gift that very few people get to experience.

As a Surrogate Mother, you are considerate of others, you are compassionate, and you’re a strong communicator.

We welcome all mothers – whether you are single or in a stable relationship. Proud Fertility has a strong Client Care Team to support Surrogate Mothers on their journey. This role of the Client Care Team is to add (and not substitute) to your already strong support network.

Surrogacy is not a means for profit, your motivation must come from a desire to help others. As a Surrogate Mother, you become part of a legacy that will impact a family’s life forever.

Basic Qualifications of a Surrogate Mother:

Proud Fertility is a proud advocate of diversity. We work with Surrogates from all walks of life, however, all Surrogates must meet the following qualifications:
• Must be between the ages of 21-49
• Must live in Canada
• Must live in a stable residence with no plans to move from Canada
• Must have had one healthy pregnancy
• Must have a strong support network
• Must not use recreational drugs, smoke or abuse alcohol
• Must be committed to building a respectful and honest relationship with their Intended Parent(s)
• Must be aligned with Proud Fertility’s values
• Willing to undergo a criminal background check
• Willing to undergo psychosocial and medical assessments
• Willing to follow medical protocols

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