Fun, Friendship, and Fertility!

As a Proud Fertility Gestational Surrogate, you’ll get to know others who share your values, and goals. In a world that struggles to understand how you can be so selfless, you’ll find a safe space within the Proud Fertility Surrogacy Sisterhood.

We believe that peer support cannot be replaced. Feeling understood is important and validating. While Proud Fertility also offers Surrogate Mothers professional counseling and support, there is nothing like the relationships you can build through Surrogacy Sisterhood.


Annual Surrogate Retreats

Self-care isn’t just a buzz word at Proud Fertility. Our Surrogate Mothers are giving the most precious gift. We intimately understand the sacrifices made and the challenges faced by the people who selflessly choose to help others fulfill their family dreams. Our annual Surrogate Mother retreats are meticulously planned to show our gratitude, pamper Surrogate Mothers, and facilitate relationship building.

Social Programming

Peer support is powerful. We encourage our Surrogates to find a sense of community among themselves by creating opportunities to gather and build relationships.

Surrogate Retreats

Surrogate Mothers are invited to annual retreats packed with relaxation, pampering, and adventure! It’s important that you feel appreciated and have self-care time.

Local Events

Community is a priority for Proud Fertility. Join us for local events, ice cream socials, and other informal gatherings designed to create awareness and education about surrogacy and infertility.

Lasting Friendships

Our Surrogate Mothers make strong connections that last a lifetime. No one will understand your surrogacy journey like another Surrogate Mom.

Become a Surrogate

Join our Surrogacy Sisterhood!

Becoming a Surrogate Mother will be the most rewarding gift you’ll ever give.

Surrogacy truly is a journey where you’ll have moments of profound self-discovery, experience awe-inspiring moments and meet amazing people!

Check out our Surrogate Sisterhood Retreat Gallery!

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