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“Nathan was invaluable during this entire journey! This was my first egg donation and there was a lot to learn and mentally process. Nathan was at my side every step of the way! He is a super friendly relatable guy and put me at ease immediately. I told my husband many times throughout this journey “yeah, I’ll talk to Nathan cause he’s my guy.” I legit, couldn’t have done this without him. It was a string of new and unique experiences but one that I am immensely PROUD of. If you can help someone start a family, why wouldn’t you?”


Egg Donor, Ontario, Canada

“We feel truly blessed that we have met Nathan and his amazing agency on our journey towards parenthood. Nathan and his enterprise embody the very best qualities of Canada and Canadians: honor, inclusiveness, kindness and a genuine passion for fellow human beings. Once we contacted Nathan with an inquiry about an egg donation and surrogacy, he instantly gave us the full range of options available at the moment and made an enormous effort to put our needs, priorities and preferences first. In a record time, he successfully matched us with an extraordinary egg donor who instantly ‘clicked’ with our values. Then, he meticulously followed up on every minute detail of every aspect of the egg donation process. On every single step of this complex endeavor, we felt fully informed, oriented, protected and guided. Nathan left no stone unturned and no issue unattended: the comprehensiveness and efficiency of his coordination activities with all parties involved, including our clinic, where above and beyond any expectation. Thanks to Nathan’s ‘magic touch’ and to our angelic egg donor, the recent update from our fertility clinic indicated that we had exceptionally good egg retrieval and embryo growth outcomes. We humbly bow our head to Nathan’s unmatched professionalism and to his unwavering dedication to helping intended parents with realizing their dreams. Nathan and his agency are phenomenal in a true sense of this word and we cannot recommend him enough to any future parent.”

N & A

Intended Parents, Ontario, Canada

“It was a pleasure working with Nathan during our last surrogacy. We were so lucky to have him as part of our team. He was always there for us, with his warm, honest, genuine and upbeat personality, always taking the time to help us on everything we needed. His support helped make our journey an amazing experience.”
L & R

Intended Parents, Ontario.

“If I had any confusion, any frustration, I consistently experienced relief after speaking with Nathan. I felt I could share, ask anything, whatever it maybe that I had on my mind. I was very impressed with Nathan’s ability to know just what we were experience. He was my go-to person. Nathan has a genuine caring and warmth personality, and a natural gift in this field of infertility. I felt fortunate to have had his support.”

Intended Parent, Toronto, Ontario

“Nathan is an incredibly vivacious person who always did his best to make sure that I was connected with the right people at the right time. His knowledge of the industry is vast and he definitely managed to connect me with amazing people in record time! He was available with incredibly honest and transparent answers to my questions, day or night.”

Intended Parent, Denmark

“Nathan Chan was our first point of contact when we started our surrogacy journey and we immediately warmed to his honesty, humour and candid willingness to share his own personal experience with surrogacy. He has always been helpful and efficient, and very quick to reply to any of our queries. Because we are from Australia and in a completely different time zone we joke that Nathan never seems to sleep because he’s always ready to answer our emails!”
B & N

Intended Parents, Australia

“Nathan, while an amazing and very understanding gentleman, has an excellent knowledge of this industry.  In our journey as Intended Parents, Nathan put us in touch with all the right people and places from the selection of excellent IVF clinics, lawyers and psychologists.  This made our journey very smooth and stress free.  Nathan was always very prompt to respond to our questions. “


L and M,

Intended Parents, Calgary, Alberta

“Working with Nathan was great as he is so knowledgeable about the complex process and he made us feel we can always get the answers we need from him.”
L & C

Intended Parents, Alberta

“Nathan was always available for a chat and to answer any question that I had. He replied to my emails as soon as possible which was always a stress relief.”

Intended Parent, British Columbia

“Nathan is very passionate about what he does.  He is an immense resource for intended parents on this complicated journey, particularly for same-sex couples like us facing unique challenges.  He is always approachable, friendly and a pleasure to work with.”


K and H

Intended Parents, British Columbia

“Talking to Nathan was always a fun and cheerful part of the surrogacy process. We knew he would always give us sound and fair advice. Nathan was very patient with us. We spoke with him for months about the process. He never pressured us. We would high recommend him.”



R & M

Intended Parents, Arizona USA

“Nathan a su effacer la distance qui sépare la France, du Canada. Réactif, à l’écoute, bienveillant, il nous a aidé à gérer les imprévus, soutenus lorsque nous avions des difficultés et présents pour fêter les bonnes nouvelles.  Nathan est LA rencontre que nous attendions.”
V et P

Intended Parents, France

“Ce fut un plaisir de travailler avec Nathan. Dès qu’il a pris les choses en main, il a été très efficace. Je pensais que ça prendrait plus de temps, mais à ma grande surprise il a su nous consulter et nous guider très rapidement vers les résultats que nous espérions. Il était aussi très accessible quand nous avions des questions et nous répondait aussitôt. C’est un homme de cœur qui aime aider les gens.”


B et M

Futurs parents Québec

“Nathan has been an amazing support during my surrogacy journey as a first time surrogate. He is always there to answer any questions I have, and gives me the sense that he genuinely cares. He is great at what he does and his passion and knowledge compliment his support perfectly.”

Surrogate Mother, Ontario

“Nathan was an absolute delight to work with. He really listened to what I was looking for in my surrogacy journey as I had some very specific stipulations. My Intended Parents are perfect and the most amazing people ever. I still have a hard time believe it all happened so quickly and I have always felt supported throughout this process. Nathan demonstrates a real passion for what he does and gives you his all.”

Surrogate Mother, Alberta

“Nathan was my main point of contact through the surrogacy process. He has a gentle easy nature that makes it easy to trust and feel secure in his advice and knowledge. His skill in keeping communication open so concerns and questions from any party could get addressed quickly was extremely helpful throughout any challenges that came up.”

Surrogate Mother, Alberta

 “Working with Nathan makes me feel valued and appreciated, he makes you feel like you’re part of a family, not just a business. He’s always got the answer to your questions and is always reassuring, especially as a first time surrogate mom. Thanks to Nathan, I am helping the most amazing Intended Parents. Thank you Nathan.”



Surrogate Mother, New Brunswick

“Nathan has been a very important part of my journey in my last two egg donations. He checked up on me often to see how I was feeling with text messages and phone calls. He always made time for me to support me.”



Egg Donor, Ontario

“Nathan helped me through my first journey an immense amount. He was my main source of contact during a known egg donation, and answered all of my questions thoroughly. It was interesting and very rewarding doing a known donation, I would not have been able to make the decision to do it without Nathan. He was a big source of comfort, a huge help, and just an absolute joy to speak to. Having a consultant that puts your needs first truly is the best person you can have alongside your journey. It certainly was for me. We have stayed in close contact and are friends to this day. I value his kind heart and passion in my life immensely!”

Egg Donor, Ontario.

“Nathan is an amazing egg donation consultant! This will be my first time through the process and Nathan has been a great choice to help me with this experience. He has made this journey very exciting and positive. I would highly recommend Nathan to anyone who wants to become a donor like me!”



Egg Donor, Alberta

“Nathan’s incredible interpersonal skills resulted in a network of genuine women who want to give the gift of life to others.  He is undeniably amazing in his personal and business skills, leaving a trail of happy families behind.”

Registered Social Worker, Alberta

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