Nathan Chan

Managing Director
Nathan Chan, Alberta


“Sometimes on the way to your dream, you get lost and find a better one.”
– Lisa Hammond

Nathan’s passion for the surrogacy and egg donation field started in 2009 as a young male when he pursued single parenthood. It was a complicated process which he found difficult. He had always been a source of assistance to his friends and he felt a calling to join. This calling led him to spend 2014-2016 working at another leading Canadian Surrogacy and Egg Donation consultancy, where he played a large role in many of the success stories.

Nathan has spent more than five years pursuing single parenthood in India and Canada. At one point in this journey, he was even lucky enough to use a known Egg Donor. His journey to parenthood is still in progress. He is empathetic to the Intended Parents’ journey to surrogacy because he personally understands the challenges.

Nathan takes great pride in supporting Intended Parent(s), including many single men who are now proud fathers using his surrogacy and egg donation services. He has an extensive network and a very charismatic and unique way of connecting with women who are looking to help others. His passion to help others is what helps connect these Intended Parent(s) to their Surrogates or Egg Donors.

A native Calgarian, Nathan returned to his hometown in 2012 after 11 years abroad, half of which was in Norway. He possesses degrees in commerce (McGill), education (University of Illinois), and disability studies (York) and associate diplomas in Speech & Drama (Trinity College UK) and cello performance (Royal Conservatory Toronto).

Nathan brings to the Proud Fertility Team, diverse working experience in the fields of Human Resources, finance and controllership, communications, and disability research. He has much expertise in the area of training and development. He has designed and facilitated courses in the past in such topics including: intercultural communication, ethics, and occupational health. He is also a relentless supporter of diverse communities including GLBTIPQ and disability communities.

Nathan has a strong passion for learning about different cultures, has had the opportunity to visit more than 90 countries, and speaks English, Norwegian, and Cantonese fluently, and intermediate French. He is also an accomplished visual artist, best known for his signature Aurora Borealis series.

Meet Nathan

Managing Director / Intended Parent

Giving Back

Managing Director Nathan Chan and Community Engagement Coordinator Alix Thomas talk about Proud Fertility’s involvement and the importance of giving back to the community. Proud Fertility is proud to of their commitment to allocate a minimum of five percent of their revenues back to the community through donations to registered charities. Among their causes are: the GLBTIPQ communities, disability and youth-at-risk communities, communities who empower and advocate for women, and organizations committed to eliminating homelessness.

Infertility as a Disability

Managing Director Nathan Chan and Client Care Advisor (Volunteer) Kim Gerritsen speak candidly about infertility as a disability and how it is possible to find pride in your infertility as there are alternative ways to fulfill your family dreams through surrogacy and egg donation. Both Nathan and Kim identify with various disabilities, including the inability to have children naturally. Proud Fertility views disability as a socially constructed variable through a critical theory framework.

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