We Help With Egg Donation

The diverse team at Proud Fertility is well connected with its various communities throughout Canada. We have offices across the country and team members that speak different languages allowing us to reach a more diverse demographic of proud Egg Donors.

Egg Donors that consult with Proud Fertility are educated about how difficult it is for intended parents to connect with a donor willing to make their egg donation known. We encourage each Canadian Egg Donor to strongly consider making their egg donation, known or anonymous.

We have experience working with Egg Donors in Canada who are:
• Caucasian
• Asian (including women who are Filipino, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, and East Indian)
• Hispanic
• African-American
• First Nations

Egg Donation in Canada

To be a Proud Fertility Egg Donor, the person choosing to donate their eggs must align with Proud Fertility’s values and undergo rigorous psychosocial and medical assessments. They must be physically and mentally healthy, pass a criminal background check, and be willing to follow medical protocols.

Contact Proud Fertility either by telephone +1-587-436-5520 or by submitting an Intended Parent Interest Form for support on your Canadian Egg Donation journey!

Herstory: Meagan

Meagan, a Proud Egg Donor shares her story on egg donation.  Have you ever wondered what motivates someone to become an Egg Donor? Please share this video to help spread the word about the incredible gift of Egg Donation

Proud Egg Donor shares process and journey

A Proud Egg Donor shares her experiences of her egg donation journey. She is joined by Nathan Chan, the Managing Director of Proud Fertility. She is asked questions by Nathan Chan, where she gives her answers and also shares the process of egg donation. She speaks about creating her profile, screening process, legal process, medications and hormonal injections, retrieval and finally recovery period.

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