The Proud Fertility Team works hard to spread the word about surrogacy and egg donation in Canada. We reach out to news and media outlets to normalize infertility and create awareness. We want the world to know we’re proud!

CBC News: Surrogate mothers, egg donors recruited in N.L.

Local women say they are interested in helping others build a family.

Energetic City: Canadian surrogacy parenthood advocate to visit Fort St. John and Dawson Creek

Proud Fertility visiting Fort St. John and Dawson Creek to help dispel some of the myths associated with infertility.

Cochrane Now: Wanting a Family

For those who want a family but are unable due to a variety of reasons, the idea of surrogacy or egg donorship may be appealing.

CBC Radio: Proud Fertility Interview in St. Johns, Newfoundland

Proud Fertility works to dispell myths and misconceptions about the taboo topic of infertility and surrogacy in Canada.

International Examiner: Infertility | Overcoming stigma in the Asian American community

International Examiner connected with Annie Kuo to discuss infertility’s stigma in the Asian American community.

VOCM: Exploring the Options for Starting a Family

Proud Fertility visited St John for a presentation at the Memorial School of Nursing and hosted a get-together conversation at Rocket Bakery yesterday.