Who is a surrogate?

A Surrogate is a woman who carries pregnancy on behalf of other people. The Surrogate Mother can do this for individuals or couples through a surrogacy consultancy. Many Surrogate Mothers are reimbursed for the expenses accrued during the Surrogacy period for their time and sacrifice made. The two types of Surrogacy are traditional and gestational.

Traditional Surrogacy is where the genetic information of the surrogate mother is directly related to that of the child while in gestational surrogacy is where the genetic information of the child is not related to that of the surrogate mother. The genetics can be from the Intended Mother or the eggs come an Egg Donor.

Surrogate parenting is way much better than it sounds. It offers an opportunity for gays to have children. It is the best and safest method known to many for making babies and happily living with them. If a woman fits the standards of becoming a Surrogate Mother .

 Why shouldn’t she take advantage and enjoy the following that comes with being one:

Offers Gays a better option

Think of the sadness that comes when gays cant have their own child because they just cant. Surrogate parenting allows them to have their own now. They can have the happiness parents have, thanks to the surrogacy option that presents them with what most gays have been longing for.

Helping the infertile

Partners may find themselves unable to make their dream of being parents come true. Surrogate mothers offer them the second chance. Parenthood is an important aspect of being a family, you can only imagine the frustration that comes with infertility, knowing that you cant conceive. It brings you so down and makes you feel inferior and not human enough to make other humans. But hey, dont you worry, you now have options. You can have a baby through surrogacy. You can choose to use the traditional method if you want your child to have the genetic traits of the surrogate mother or have your own genetic traits through gestational surrogacy.

Personal satisfaction

Surrogate mothers have the choice of choosing the persons they want to carry the baby for. They choose those of their preferences. This brings much personal satisfaction. Some of Surrogate Mothers dont want any more children of their own but want to carry children for other people, this brings the sense of personal satisfaction to them, the feel good sensation feels them and they get a sense of belonging and a personal emotional connection between them and the Intended Parents sprouts.

Health Care

During the surrogacy period and the time just after the period you are provided with comprehensive care at the expense of the intended parents. If you had any struggles with paying your health bills you need to worry no more, it is all covered.


In summary, being a Surrogate Mother is by way much of a blessing to others who cant have children by themselves. Its gives these people a chance to have a bigger family and on the part of these mothers gives them personal satisfaction and the sense of belonging for they help others in realizing their parenting dreams.


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