I am 50, is there any help for me with Surrogacy or Egg Donation?

Of course, there is, with the current trends in the reproductive health industry, no one is too old to become a parent. In fact, some tabloids are terming 50 as the new 40 when it comes to family planning and parenthood. Plus you won’t be the only one having a kid at fifty, more than a dozen celebrities have done it and so nothing should hold you back.  Everyone deserves to be a parent, including older Intended Parents. Additionally, the current technology allows for a variety of Fertility options towards this course.

Planning ahead of time

If you planned on having a child but still felt your present circumstances weren’t in your favour at the time, there is a lot your medics would have advised in securing a future with a child with whom you share transcendent genetic bonds. For instance, you could have had your eggs frozen before Menopause so as to use them when the right time comes, regardless of age.

These benefits aren’t exclusive to the women folk, as a man you also stand an equal chance of having children even in your golden years by following the same process. And you don’t even have to be married; you can be single or a same-sex couple and still enjoy the joy of parenthood.

Available options

The most recommended path to childbearing for heterosexual and GLBTIPQ / same-sex couples as well as a single parent is Surrogacy. When a consultancy like Proud Fertility supports you on your journey using an Egg Donor and/or a Surrogate Mother eased by technology, but the ensuing child-bearing process also doesn’t tie you down by limiting your movements and interactions throughout the gestational period. You get to go about your normal activities and still grow a child with total genetic composition or one of the two partners if you are a same-sex couple? How awesome can this ever get?

Most medics recommend that your eggs and sperms are at their optimal functionality and present healthier chances of fertilization when an individual is between 21 to 30 years. You might, therefore, consider having your eggs harvested at the time and frozen until you feel ready to start a family. You will then need sperm donation and a simple embryo implantation process to get you started on the journey to parenthood.

For same-sex couples or women with health complication like uterus removal that prevent them from carrying the pregnancy to full term, there are Surrogates who will want to learn your story and often will consider helping you grow your family. They may be willing to help you establish a family by gifting you with a maternal child.

Adoption not favourable

Adoption is generally not realistic for adoptive parents who are past 50 years old.  Adoptive parents who are older are rarely selected by birth moms when they are placing their baby for adoption.

With the advent of Surrogacy and Egg donation practices backed up by well-researched and proven fertility options, you have an alternative to adoption. Adoption can be a much longer process.  Compared to adoption, Surrogacy allows you the fulfillment and joy that comes with raising a biological child, or overall is a faster process.

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