Anonymous Egg Donations – why this is may be the right choice for some Egg Donors

Most Egg Donors are moved by compassion and imagination of the agony their fellow women and Gay couples are enduring as well as the desire to contribute to the advancement of the human nature. They only wish for the joy and fulfillment in the marriage of the Intended Parents. Nevertheless, they would not want their generous actions to tie them down to unprecedented parental obligations. For this reason, most prefer an anonymous and transparent Egg Donation process with some form of assurance that their goodwill wouldn’t come to haunt them in future. They are also in favour of a simple process that allows them to extend their goodwill and get back to their normal life without complications within the shortest time possible. Here are some of the benefits of being an anonymous Egg Donor.

No emotional attachment especially in case of miscarriages

Anonymous agreement requires that the interested parties; both the donor and beneficiaries enter into an agreement facilitated by their preferred Fertility Clinic that protects their identity. Such non-disclosure agreements blockade any emotional connection between the donor and the children.

How beneficial is this? Consider the emotional drain that usually engulfs the donor recipient in case she fails to conceive after IVF. Additionally, the recipient risks the burden of miscarriage and stillbirth alone. Without anonymity, it is probable that the donor would have to share in the grief of the recipient. However, after the donation, the Egg Donor is usually free to go back to their normal life undisturbed by any predicaments that may befall the recipient.

No parental responsibilities

Being a known donor brings in more than emotional attachments. At some instances, such as if the donation was made at a nonregistered IVF clinic, any donor agreement entered therein may be voidable. This means that the donor is recognizable as a parent to the child and thus an equal contributor to its upbringing. This narrows down to unexpected moral and financial responsibilities that have the effect of affecting your normal life especially if you already have another family. Therefore, anonymity in Egg Donation comes in handy for persons willing to assist the community but not ready to be tied down by parental obligations. At this time, Proud Fertility does not work with any non registered IVF clinics.

Free medical check-ups

Before acceptance by a Fertility Clinic as a potential Egg Donor, you have to undergo various medical check-ups to verify your health status. In all cases, such tests are fully catered for either by the clinic or the Intended Parents (IPs). These tests seek to explore the individual’s overall health including immunity, genes, and blood types as well other physiological and psychological tests. You, therefore, gain a better understanding of your overall health free of charge that would otherwise be prohibitively expensive even to try. Most importantly, you get to understand your fertility index especially if you are still childless.

Anonymous Donation can be suitable for some Egg Donors

The pros of anonymous Egg Donation can sometimes far outweigh the cons. As an anonymous donor, you leave the fertility with a clean conscious, and happy that your goodwill will probably save a marriage and bring joy to Infertile Couples with the hope of a newborn.

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