Do You Need A Supermodel Pose To Be An Egg Donor?

If this is what has been keeping you from joining an Egg Donation program, worry no more as most fertility clinics won’t over-emphasize on it when examining your suitability as an egg donor. But then you might wonder, what do Egg Donation recipients expect of a potential donor? How healthy and mentally fit are you? These two aspects form the better part of the Egg Donor Requirements. But your last diagnosis shouldn’t prevent you from enlisting to an egg donation program; unless it is a chronic ailment. You will be put through a customized examination process that serves both your interests and those of a potential beneficiary. The Egg Donation process always a win-win situation when.

Benefits to the donor

The farthest most recipients will deviate from the norm of health aspects when evaluating Egg Donors is ethnicity. Most aren’t concerned with other factors like having an athletic body. Nevertheless, to make to the Egg Donor Database, you have to pass through a rigorous though transparent and well detailed physical and psycho-social health assessment. The bright side of it is that it is fully catered for by the recipient or the facility. Additionally, you get to gain a deeper understanding of your overall heath. As you run through the tests from fertility and psychological health to genetic examination, you gain a better understanding of self regardless of which side of Donor Database coin you fall on.

Benefits to the recipient

What are you looking for in a potential egg donor? The advantage of approaching the Egg Donor Consultancies is that most will leave you spoilt for choice with their Egg Donor Database. Unlike at the adoption facilities where you probably have to wait for allocation of a child if you are lucky enough especially if they deem you unfit for parenting life’s choices, here you are in control. Most importantly, you don’t get to be judged or discriminated based on this background. At these facilities, same-sex couples are accorded the same respect as their heterosexual counterparts. After all, you too are contributing a gamete. You also have a final word on the kind of Egg Donors you need as opposed to being listed at the bottom of the adoption list.

It is never a fitness contest

According to several potentials and past Egg Donation Recipients, being good-looking has little influence on their selection. Most are primarily interested in the donor’s current aptitudes and medical history especially allergies. Additionally, as a recipient, you might consider looking at some similarities between the donor and the gene contributor like height, eye colour, and hair texture to ensure the child fits the home environment.

It’s all about family and health with fitness and beauty coming in last. When applying for Egg Donation, ensure your profile describes who you are, who knows, what makes you different might be your potential beneficiary’s interest. Remember, all these recipients have something in common; they are looking for something they identify with. Some love eye colours, while others love professionals – so therefore, it is important to be honest.

The bright side of it for you as a recipient is that you get to be presented with a variety of Egg Donors and Surrogate Mothers / Surrogates that won’t stop and judge your parenting capabilities based on your age or sexual orientation.

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