If I Am Single Can I Become A Surrogate Mother?


There are a ton of misconceptions floating around about surrogacy. With all the confusion, it’s hard to sort out who can become a surrogate, who is eligible to become a parent through surrogacy, and more.


What are the different types of surrogacy?


There are two kinds of surrogacy; the Traditional Surrogate and the Gestational Surrogate.


Traditional Surrogacy involves the artificial insemination of your own eggs with the Future Father’s sperm or sperm obtained from sperm donation. This means that a Tradition Surrogate is genetically related to the child she is carrying.


Gestational Surrogacy, on the other hand, involves implantation of an embryo inside your uterus and carrying it through to the end of the gestational period. The embryo does not contain the Surrogate’s genetics. Through Gestational Surrogacy, the only type of surrogacy we support at Proud Fertility, the Surrogate provides a warm and safe home for the little embryo to become a healthy baby.


Do I need to be married to become a Surrogate?


You do not need to be married to become a Surrogate. Proud Fertility has helped married women, single mothers, and mothers in relationships help others become parents.


The most import circumstantial qualifications for surrogacy include having a strong support system and being healthy. If you do have a partner or are married, your partner should be supportive of your decision to become a surrogate. If you are a single parent, you will need a lot of social support including:

  • people who can help with the care of your children while you go to appointments
  • friends and family members you can count on to encourage you and provide emotional support for you on your surrogacy journey


Benefits of being a Surrogate Mother


Everyone craves for fulfillment in life. It is the reason most people wake up and go about their daily activities but to a Surrogate Mother, there is no greater sense of satisfaction than the one that comes from the most humanly possible gift to another person, bearing them a child.


Additionally, you get to build life-long bonds with the Intended Parents who will forever be grateful to you.


Again, yes – if you’re single, you can become a surrogate mother!


Yes, yes, yes, yes and …. YES! Proud Fertility has time and time again met so many women who have been told that Surrogate Mothers must be married, or must not be single. This is entirely untrue. If you are a woman who has had at least one child of your own, you are certainly most eligible to become a surrogate mother!


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