Proud Fertility’s take on support vanity surrogacy

Proud Fertility is a Canadian full service consultancy specializing in Surrogacy and Egg Donation. They are a service that helps couples and individuals achieve the dream of becoming a parent. The aim is to ensure both the Egg donors and donor recipients have a life changing experience; one of giving a precious gift and the other of receiving it. Proud Fertility does not support vanity Surrogacy.

Why Proud Fertility says ‘no’ to vanity Surrogacy

Surrogacy is a process aimed at enabling childless couples and singles have children of their own. The Intended Parents can either go for traditional, gestational surrogacy or IVF. They will of course need information hence the need to work with egg donor consultants like Proud Fertility.

Vanity Surrogacy does away with honour and the sole purpose of being a surrogate. It is when a woman who is medically capable of carrying her own baby refuses to do so for cosmetic reasons such as maintaining their body shape.

Vanity Surrogacy can only be described as renting the womb of another woman. This is insulting to the life giving process. It is similar with putting up babies for sale or even breeding animals for the market. A woman who chooses to be a Surrogate Mother should do so from her own willingness to give the gift of family to those who are not able to have it. Social Surrogacy is becoming a norm in countries where it is not illegalized but still this does not make it right.

Medical experts have expressed their concerns and are also skeptical about the whole idea of avoiding motherhood to save face. There is more to Surrogacy, it is a serious step that only selfless women take part in but if natural childbirth is something that is possible then that is what is preferred.

How Proud Fertility works

As one of the leading Surrogacy Consultancies in Canada, Proud Fertility seeks to keep you informed on Surrogacy Options, what the law says about it and all the support you need in achieving the dream of parenthood.

There is nothing as beautiful and honourable as giving the gift of life and expecting nothing back. This is the ultimate purpose of Surrogacy and it should not be altered with. After all children are a blessing, so why should the gift of children be commercialized?

Surrogacy is legalized in Canada. It is prohibited to pay a Surrogate Mother for the services she offers but it is legal to reimburse them for the expenses during the period of surrogacy. This is clearly stipulated in the Assisted Human Reproduction Act.

A woman who is interested in giving other couples the gift of parenthood will have to meet several requirements like a background check, medical tests, a support network, not using alcohol and other banned substances among other things.

So if you are considering Surrogacy Options, just have in mind that vanity Surrogacy is an injustice to the entire purpose for Surrogacy and Egg Donation.

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