The Gay Surrogacy Journey

Finding a suitable Egg Donor has its challenges, even more complicated, when it comes to finding one that you can count on through your Surrogacy journey. This is why sometimes selecting a Known Egg Donor can be often the best choice. Many gay men choose to go this way and for real, it is a better decision to have a known donor in mind when you are entering Surrogacy. You can discuss this with your Egg donor consultant to know what is best for you. Most probably, many of them advocate for a familiar egg donor for certain reasons.

You know your donor’s history
In most cases, dealing with a known Egg donor comes in handy since you stand a better chance of being aware of the person’s past as well as that of their family. You can tell about their health and in case you have any issue that baffles you, it will be easy to inquire from them since you know which best approach to use. This makes coordination easier for both the donor and the Intended Parent. The donor will also be able to keep in touch with you directly in the event that her or her family’s health changes.

Offers genetic bonding
If the Egg Donor has genetic relation with the Donor Recipient, this bears a feeling of genetic closeness between the Intended Parent, the donor and the child, which adds to the family ties. This is obvious; having a donor from your genetic pool really counts in sustaining biological connection between the involved parties.

You feel more certain this way
When it comes to making Surrogacy options, making a decision that leaves you content and feeling in control matters a lot. Having a known Egg Donor gives the recipient this comfort throughout the whole Surrogacy journey. Moreover, this way may have a shorter waiting time than in the case of an anonymous donor whereby you may have to wait for long time to begin the process. There is also often better communication – having a known egg donor, she can directly contact you when there are updates.

You can predict the result
In dealing with a known donor, it is obvious that you are already well conversant with them personally. This means that you will not have any doubts or worries about her interests, looks, personality, intelligence health or any other factors. This creates a comfortable relation since you can also foretell some of the characters that the child is capable of having. This also goes with discussing matters of privacy versus openness, the present and future roles and obligations among other Surrogacy related issues.

It is more satisfactory / A fostered relationship between the Donor and Donor Recipients
Egg donor consultancies like Proud Fertility would advise that working with a known donor is usually more satisfactory to the donor and the Donor recipient, thanks to the closeness shared by both. This satisfaction is probable of extending to the child, who may happen to be comfortable with the donor. This can develop from the closeness that manifest between the two of them.

Most Egg donor consultants or gay men who have gone through Surrogacy with a known Egg donor will tell you this is the way to go in achieving a stress free Surrogacy. However, it is important that you consult with your Egg donor consultants to know the best options for you. Finding a willing known donor can be even easy if you know how to approach them and make them feel the need to help.

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