Find Surrogate Mother In Canada – The Process

I had always wanted to start my own family but unfortunately I couldn’t due to medical reasons. My husband and I decided to go for Surrogacy but not just Surrogacy but International Surrogacy. Well we opted for this due to the shortage of ethnic Egg Donors and Surrogate mothers.

International Surrogacy and Egg Donation is not an easy venture but that does not mean that it is impossible. Of course you will have to fully understand the law and what is required of you so that you and your child can be together.

We first of all started our journey by speaking to the different Surrogacy and Egg Donation Consultancies. And we are so grateful that we did. The discussion we had was about success rates in several countries, the length of stay required, ethical standards of Surrogacy in those countries and the legal process of coming back home with the child.

My husband and I had settled on the country and we were able to receive the gift of egg donation, specifically using a Known Egg Donor through Proud Fertility. We spent a period of two weeks since we wanted to ensure that our donor was okay and that everything else was done well. We received legal help from a fertility lawyer, and paid for the IVF procedure at the fertility clinic. In our agreement with the egg donor – we came up with what is reasonable for her allowable expenses. We had this laid out in our legal agreement to prevent misunderstandings. The eggs were retrieved vaginally. We were unable to attend the egg retrieval, but our egg donor had her sister to accompany her as her support person. We cared about our donor and she recuperated well. Our donor was not from the city where our clinic was, and we insisted that she stay for another night to feel all better, not to rush her back home, despite she had a family back home and she was anxious.

We did spend a lot of money but it wasn’t much if you look at it from the perspective that we had been saving for this time with all we got and it was worth it. The egg of course was fertilized with my honey’s sperm and the child would be related to us. A biological connection to our child was important to us. Well things are quite simpler if the child is related to one of the parents. We had to ensure that we did everything according to the book. Trust me it makes life much easier.

It is not a must that you go abroad for some, but for us in France surrogacy is not legal. It was important for us to have a donor who was the same ethnicity as myself (I’m asian), and it was amazing that we were able to have one through Proud Fertility. That was the desire of our hearts. All that matters is that we are now soon-to-be parents to a beautiful baby who knows that he/she is loved and cared for. And we literally would go anywhere in the world for him/her.
Dreams can come true and to other couples out there, do not give up hope. So long as you have the capacity to love you have the capacity to have a child to love with all you’ve got. We hope you are able to gain some perspectives from our sharing our story.

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