Do I need to travel to become a Surrogate or Egg Donor?

In any given Surrogacy process, Egg Donors and Surrogate Mothers are inevitable participants. They contribute a vital input in this life-giving journey. However, it does not happen so regularly that the Surrogate or the Egg Donor or the Intended Parents will be in the same geographical location. This leads to the necessity for traveling back and forth to facilitate the journey. Many Surrogate Mothers or Egg Donors may be required to travel (unless if they live in cities like with many fertility clinics like Vancouver or Toronto).

Why is it important?

Well, in the case of Surrogates, if you live in a different locality from where the Intended Parents’ clinic, you may need to travel one or two times. If you are involved in a case of gestational Surrogacy, you will need to travel only for the medical evaluation (some clinics will allow the screening to be done in the surrogate mother’s home city/province) and for the Embryo Transfer (ET).

As for Egg Donors – In some cases the Egg donation consultancy can help to arrange for medical monitoring to be done near your home. The monitoring of the growth of your eggs requires precision and is time-sensitive. If the surrogate is not living close to facilities where this is possible, Egg Donors will need to travel to a number of appointments or stay up to 8-10 (sometimes 12) days prior to the egg retrieval date.

How long do the travels last?

The number of times you will have to travel may differ with regard to different Surrogacy Options. However, in most cases, you only have to travel about two trips, which can last between 1-4 days. The first appointment will be about the initial medical screening and can take you 1 (possibly 2) days. The second one for the Embryo Transfer and can take another 1 (possibly 2) days. Proud Fertility Surrogate Mothers are advised to have

When it comes to how long your travel may take, the case is quite different for Egg Donors. Most likely, if you are the donor, you will go for an overnight trip for the screening. The other trip you go for the retrieval may take you approximately 8-10 (sometimes 12) days for the procedure. Sometimes it could be less if some monitoring can be arranged a satellite clinic in the Egg Donor’s home city.

Whether for Egg Donors or Surrogate Mothers, if the fertility clinic is near your home, then the amount of traveling could be less. Proud Fertility is always there to support you, to help you with arranging logistics and walking you through step by step of your travels.

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