Egg Donation and Surrogacy for Transgender Intended Parents

Using Egg Donors and following through with surrogacy can come to your rescue if you are a transgender seeking to grow your family through an easier process. What matters most is getting a good start, which is usually depended on the Egg Donor Consultant you work with. There are possibilities of making it through this successfully, considering that surrogacy is legally acceptable. If at all you can find an Egg Donor and a Surrogate Mother, then you are already on the way there. Here are a few of the inclusive factors.

What types of Surrogacy are there?

As far as surrogacy is concerned, you can always undertake the process within legal bounds. Surrogacy in Canada is done in either of the two types, traditional Surrogacy and gestational Surrogacy. In traditional Surrogacy, the Surrogate mother is genetically related with the child she is carrying for the Intended Parents. On the other hand, in gestational Surrogacy, the Surrogate Mother and the baby she is carrying do not have any genetic relation. Proud Fertility at this time only supports gestational Surrogacy.

Dealing with Egg Donors
This is most probably the first step to getting started. There are two types of Egg Donors in Surrogacy. These are known donor and unknown (anonymous) donor. Known Egg Donors are people you are previously conversant with, or related to, that you can ask to help you in the process. The unknown donors are people who you probably have not met before. Proud Fertility spends a great deal of time educating Egg Donors the importance of offering Intended Parents the opportunity to know them, and therefore offer recipients both known and anonymous donations.
If you feel it is important to use a known Egg Donor, Proud Fertility is an Egg Donor Consultancy that specializes in supporting this type of Egg Donation journey. A known Egg Donor is advisable for a number of reasons. An unknown donor is not bad either, you can still achieve the desired result whichever way.

Having genetic children
As a transgender individual, you not only stand a chance of getting an Egg Donor and going the Surrogacy way, you can actually get a genetic child. This is only dependent on whether you had frozen sperm stored; you can get a donor and a Surrogate Mother and continue with the process. If otherwise, you can go with the process and have a Surrogate child through other Surrogacy options applicable.

If you feel stranded, you are not all alone. There many people like you who do not know whether it is okay for them to get this help and have children. More importantly, inclusive surrogacy and egg donation consultancies like Proud Fertility will prioritize someone like you. Proud Fertility strives to help those who face the most challenges. Generous and selfless women come forward to Proud Fertility to help deserving Intended Parents. Everyone deserves to be a parent, including Transgender individuals.

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