At Proud Fertility, we ensure that every Surrogate Mother has the support of a Doula. Intended Parents who come to Proud Fertility are educated the importance of this additional support person for not only the Surrogate Mother, but also to the Surrogate Mother’s partner, and to the Intended Parents themselves.

Benefits of Having a Doula in Surrogacy

Doulas have been around for a while now, helping women in labour or through pregnancy. The word Doula hails from ancient Greek, meaning “woman’s servant”. These women give their best to offer such crucial support in most critical times. This is why it is usually important to work with one in your Surrogacy journey.

Whether you opt to work with a professional doula or have one who has learned through experience over time, the choice is yours, but it is important to bring one on board during this process. Here are few benefits that accrue to involvement of doulas in Surrogacy to the Surrogate Mother and the Intended Parents alike:

Doulas contribution in mother’s labour
A doula really helps in offering the necessary support to the Surrogate Mother when labour checks in. She offers support through comforting the expectant mother as well as providing the inevitable emotional support. Additionally, a doula is responsible for offering information, besides facilitating communication with the care providers to ensure the mother is well taken care of throughout.

How their help during labour helps in birth outcomes
Having a doula take care of a Surrogate Mother reflects in the birth outcomes, where you can tell whether it was all worth it. There are several factors that a doula actually helps attain and prevents a number of negative ones. For instance, having her take part in the process can reduce the risk of the mother undergoing C-section by 28%, decrease the use of pain relief medications by 9%, decrease the risk of newborns being admitted to special nursery care by 14%, to mention just a few of their achievements.

Other roles that doulas can play
A doula can play a whole lot of roles in helping a mother in labour attain better birth giving in a number of ways; she can as well aid in speaking to the medical staff on behalf of the mother, provide pain management methods and birthing positions to promote the labor process, which minimizes the necessity for pain medications. Further, she can also offer massage and teach the mother a number of relaxation techniques. All these and many more come in handy in helping attain a better delivery that can make it more comforting for the surrogate mother to get a better birthing without much complications.

Intended Parents too have something to gain
Doulas can further offer postpartum support to the Intended Parents, which in most cases help in the transition process as they take over the role of parenting. Having a doula in the picture helps attain better bonding experience on the part of the Intended Parents and the child, better achievement of induced lactation and provide support on certain matters as well as through any difficulties that may arise.

Having someone volunteer to take on the task of being a Surrogate Mother is not a joke. Giving them a decent support and help throughout the difficult pregnancy and birth giving process can help in making them feel that you recognize her role in the Surrogacy process. There is no way you can do this any better than getting a doula to come to her aid and make everything better and safer for her.

Proud Fertility is conversant with this process. This will be more blogs coming on the important role of doulas.

Some doulas in the Proud Fertility network are:

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