Surrogacy is the act whereby a woman carries and gives birth to a child for another couple. This is just a surface definition but truth be told, a Surrogate Mother is a super human who makes the dreams of many couples come true. This is because children are a blessing.

A true Surrogate is not motivated by money but rather by the fact that they are giving the gift of life to another couple. These could be couples that cannot have a baby of their own or even same sex couples. It is so hard for such couples to find someone who is willing to help them but for those who are willing, there are several reasons why you should not hold back.

Why you should consider Surrogacy

You make the world a better place

The best motivation for every woman to become a Surrogate is in the fact that they will be helping others achieve the family dream. Do you know how many people long to hear the cry of a little angel in their home or even change dirty diapers for the first time? This entire process of helping other couples have a baby they can call their own leaves you a better person who has personal satisfaction. And why not? You will be making a great impact in the world around you since you are a life giver who turns dreams into reality.

You connect emotionally

The Surrogate Mother will be sharing this life changing journey with the Intended Parents. This is due to the fact that these parents desire to be involved in the entire process. The relationship between the Surrogate parent and the Intended Parents can become so strong that it even goes on even after the birth of the baby.  For some the relationship might discontinue after the bay is born. The parents of course will be forever grateful to you for your selfless act of love.

You will be changing peoples’ perceptions

Not everyone is comfortable with the idea of Surrogacy but when more women come out to help other couples have children, it speaks volumes. You will be alerting the masses on the plight of childless couples and same sex couples who would love nothing more than raising a family. You will be teaching what people can do apart from recommending fertility specialists.

Who can be a Surrogate

If you are considering helping other couples have kids then you should know the requirements expected of you. Some of these requirements are;

  • You must have had at least one healthy pregnancy.
  • Willing to undergo a criminal background check and psychosocial counselling.
  • You must be willing to follow laid out medical protocols.
  • You must have a great support network.
  • Be between the ages of 19 and 49.
  • You must not be using drugs or any other banned substances.

A woman intending to go for Surrogacy should not do so hoping for financial gain. The gift of life is matchless to any amount of money but the satisfaction of giving it will definitely last a life time.

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