Surrogacy is legal in Canada but unlike other countries, the rules there are a bit different. The laws pertaining to surrogacy in Canada are quite clear. For instance, the Intended Parents are not supposed to pay the Surrogate Mother for her Surrogacy. Compensation to a surrogate for carrying a child is forbidden. They should also not advertise any sort of financial compensation in exchange for surrogacy.

Now even with these laws stipulated very clearly there are certain aspects that are allowed like reimbursing for out-of-pocket expenses that the Surrogate Mother might have incurred. If it is suspected that any of these laws were broken, then you can face serious penalties. This calls for making Surrogacy Consultancies for instance Proud Fertility which specializes in helping infer-tile and same-sex Intended Parents realize the dream of raising families.

What kind of advice to expect

For Intended Parents to realize their dream, their journey can be made easier to work hand in hand with Surrogacy or Egg Donation Consultancies. They will advise you accordingly so that you proceed through the Surrogacy in a manner that abides with the law. So what kind of ad-vice will you get?

1. Qualifications. You should be financially stable. The child needs to be provided for. This does not mean that you have to be earning a seven figure salary. It only means that you will have to have a stable source of income and even saved up something. You should also not be seeking vanity surrogacy in which couples go for Surrogacy so that the other woman maintains her body shape. Your criminal background matters and it will come up so ensure that your past is not something that will be a predicament.
2. Finances. As stated before Intended Parents should be financially stable. Children are a great responsibility and money is required for that task. Concerning finances you will be advised on circumstances where you are to give out money. Do note in Canada, people are not allowed to pay for surrogacy or advertise that they will pay for it. You will get to know more about reimbursement otherwise known as altruistic surrogacy.
3. How to find a surrogate. According to Canadian laws, third parties are not allowed to receive money from Intended Parents in order to connect them with Surrogates. Surrogacy agents were criminalized in 2004 but couples can make use of Surrogacy Consultancies whereby they will be given advice on what steps to take in their endeavour to become parents.

Legal help

If you are seriously considering Surrogacy Options then you should also seek legal services. You need to know that there are two types of Surrogacy namely traditional and gestational Surrogacy. Traditional means that the Surrogate Mother is related to the child while gestational surrogacy there is no such relationship. Many Intended Couples may prefer to go traditional but lawyers will let you know why the gestational route would be better from a legal perspective. All in all whatever your preferences, fertility lawyers are there to ensure you do everything according to the book.

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