Surrogacy, in the simplest way, means to give the “God’s biggest Gift” to some needful family. It is about giving intended parent’s the beautiful feeling of becoming parents of a baby which everyone deserves. Giving someone the world’s best feeling of becoming proud parents of a baby is the biggest achievement of a woman who gives birth to someone else’s baby to fulfill a family’s dream. It is such a gift for which you can never pay enough.

For a woman to become a surrogate mother there can be many reasons. Some do this to help infertile or sterile couples to have a feeling of parenthood. Some do this for their own satisfaction that they are helping someone to become proud parents of a baby. Some do this for financial reasons. Some consider surrogacy like any other job for financial purposes.

But in every case, a surrogate mother needs the support of her family and friends like any other pregnant lady need it during her pregnancy. It is important to have your family’s support to become a surrogate mother as it is a very big decision to become a surrogate mother and give birth to someone else’s baby. It is very important that it is clear in every family member’s mind that this is not their own baby but someone else’s baby.

In many cases, the husband or partner of the surrogate mother becomes insecure that her wife or partner is carrying someone else’s baby or “another man’s baby” in her womb. So in such a situation, it is important to clear your partner’s doubt about surrogacy and clear this concept in his mind. Being a husband or partner of a surrogate mother, you have to remain calm and show your support to her in many ways.

  • Help her with medical checkups.
  • Make her feel that you support her in her decision to become a surrogate mother.
  • Make her feel that you are proud of her that she is helping someone to become parents.
  • Take care of her small things like her meals, medicines and routine checkups.
  • Take her out for a walk daily so that she can feel your presence and support around her.
  • Take care of her small wishes and her cravings during pregnancy.

Being a partner or husband of a woman who is opting to become a surrogate mother is a big thing in itself as you too have to struggle with her. You too will go through some emotional changes. But you have to remain calm, patient and show your support to her in the decision to become a surrogate mother. At first, you have to clear the concept of surrogacy in your mind and make it clear that it is someone else’s baby and then support her throughout her journey.


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