Single straight men do not need to fall in love and marry to start a family; surrogacy has opened up the doors of parenthood for single straight intended fathers. As more and more unconventional families become common in our society, men are choosing single parenthood. Every year hundreds of men across the globe are opting for single parenthood through surrogacy.

Heterosexual intended fathers go through the same experience, face similar challenges and enjoy the same advantages as any other couple pursuing surrogacy.

Single father surrogacy process

Usually, the surrogacy process is similar for single fathers as it is for any other couple pursuing surrogacy. The embryo is created through IVF or In vitro fertilization, which is then implanted into the body of a surrogate to complete the process of pregnancy and childbirth.

Traditionally, a single straight intended father has to get a surrogate mother. The same woman’s eggs are used to create the embryo. However, there are a few who prefer to opt for the gestational surrogacy, wherein the baby is not genetically linked to the surrogate mother. The single father needs to get an egg donor and a different surrogate while using his own sperms or the sperms of a donor.

There are several IVF clinics that help single straight intended fathers to find a surrogate of their choice or they are referred to sperm banks or egg donors within their network. Often single straight men choose a friend as a sperm or egg donor. As soon as they the intended father is able to finalize his surrogate and donors, the rest of the IVF process is carried out in the traditional manner.

Surrogacy laws in Canada are the same for single intended fathers as it is for the intended couples. Though the regulations tend to vary from one state to another, surrogacy laws are quite simple. Surrogacy helps in creating long term relationships with the surrogate and her family. It also gives an opportunity to single heterosexual men enjoy the benefits of parenthood without getting married.

You must keep in mind that surrogacy is expensive and it is not a guaranteed procedure, with risks of failure. Single parenthood has started accepting the fact that you don’t need to have a wife or girlfriend to enjoy parenthood. Opt for surrogacy and enjoy the joys of holding your child in your hands.  Proud Fertility is about inclusion and the trend of single heterosexual males taking the surrogacy path to becoming a proud parent is fast catching up. It’s actually not “hundreds of men” – it was always single gay men, and now single straight men are interested too.

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