Surrogacy is not only one of the best escapes out for infertile couples; it is also a possible substitute for adoption. However, finding a surrogate mother could be a troublesome issue. These days, to solve the problem there are a number of agencies around the different corners of the globe. One can ask from friends or family to be a gestational surrogate as it would create less of implications after the birth of the baby. The following few points can be considered while choosing a surrogate:

  • She must be over 21 years of age
  • Must have given birth to the baby prior to being a surrogate
  • Should know about pregnancy and delivery procedures
  • Should know how to deal with emotions
  • Must sign the contract to give away the baby to the intended parents
  • Must be in good state of health and well-being
  • Must be tested negative for various STD’s and infectious diseases

One of the questions that arise in the minds of a surrogate mother as well as the intended parents is that if she can have sex while she is pregnant or not. The answer is yes, she can have sex but there are some conditions. If the surrogate mother is sexually active, she can continue her sex life but it has to be monogamous. There are no set of defined rules for having sex but usually, it is not recommended to have sex for a surrogate mother before and after two weeks of embryo transfer.

If the to be a surrogate mother would be pregnant prior to the embryo transfer, she would be excluded from the process as the clinics would make you undergo the pregnancy test as well. After the transfer of the embryo, the mother is on pelvic rest till the confirmation of the blastocyst to the wall of the uterus of the surrogate mother or till the hearing of the first beat of the fetus. Thereafter she can continue but the monogamous partner again has to be medically fit as to ensure health and safety of the fetus inside. The partner might be her husband or anyone else but there must be involvement of just one and one partner only and not multiple partners. The partner should not be suffering from any infectious disease as there are chances for the infections to be transferred to the baby through the mother in case there are no agencies involved in the surrogacy process to conduct the confirmatory tests. Otherwise, a surrogate mother can have sex during pregnancy.

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