Placenta encapsulation might be the latest rage among Surrogates in countries like Canada and USA but this is an age-old practice followed in countries like China. Recently, people are becoming aware of the benefits of eating the placenta after childbirth. Surrogate Mothers are beneficiaries of this amazing practice as they are able to regain vitality after childbirth pretty quickly.

The placenta is the primary organ which is used by the baby developing in the womb to exchange blood, waste and nutrients with the mother. After childbirth, the placenta is expelled from the uterus and often discarded as medical waste. However; in many countries like China, there is a custom of consuming the placenta. Traditionally, it is not consumed in its raw form and instead, the placenta is steamed for ingestion.

Modern North American parents are choosing placenta encapsulation. The placenta is steamed, dried, ground to a fine power and put into capsules for consuption by the person who has given birth.

This traditional practice has come to spotlight recently and parents of newborn babies are confirming its benefits. Those who have taken their placenta pills simply love the experience and vouch for this traditional practice:

“When I heard about Placenta Encapsulation, the idea struck a chord in me. I researched online and found so many positive stories. I had an amazing experience, was full of energy, and felt like my entire recovery from pregnancy was faster and easier than when I gave birth previously.” -Jennifer Marx, surrogate mother

Some of the well-known anecdotal benefits of placenta encapsulation are:

  • Reduction of postpartum depression
  • Helps in bringing the uterus back to its normal size
  • Lessened postpartum bleeding
  • Faster recovery from childbirth

Placenta encapsulation is safe when performed by a certified placenta professional. You should look for a placenta specialist that has attended an in-person training, are bloodborne pathogens certified, and follows strict food safety guidelines.

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