After years of struggle with infertility, they finally found the perfect surrogate, IVF is a success, and their family dream is finally a reality. Nine long months of pregnancy, the happy couple arrive at the hospital to meet their new baby only to be shut out of the delivery room and notified that they wouldn’t be getting their baby. The Surrogate Mother has changed her mind.

It’s a common concern of outsiders and intended parents, alike. What if the Surrogate Mother changed her mind and decided to keep the baby?

In the surrogacy community, we often forget that this can be a concern because, in reality, it just doesn’t happen.

Surrogate Mothers do not change their minds and decide to keep the baby because:

  • They’re carefully screened and have usually completed their own families.
  • Each Surrogate Mother has undergone extensive psychosocial counseling to ensure they’re mentally repaired for the surrogacy process.
  • In gestational surrogacy, the baby is not genetically linked to her in any way.
  • There is a legal agreement in place which is carefully written by a fertility lawyer to ensure the protection of all parties.

The Surrogate Mothers we have spoken with have a deep desire to help others have a family. They’re excited to see the Intended Parent(s) meeting their baby. They know that they’re giving a gift that is greater than any other gift that can be given. It also an incredible honor to be trusted with the care and safety of that precious little one until the time that they are ready to be welcomed to the world.

We pre-screen every Surrogate Mother we work with to verify mental health as well as social stability. Every step of the way they can expect to have the support of our entire team as well as outside professionals for therapy and care, as needed.

Proud Fertility only works with Intended Parents pursuing gestation surrogacy, meaning the surrogate Mother is not related to the baby genetically. This establishes a powerful sense that the baby belongs to the Intended Parents and not to the Surrogate.

Expert fertility lawyers prepare all the agreements for our clients and the parties involved in each surrogacy arrangement. Should a something go array, the surrogacy agreement protects the Intended Parents and ensures that plan move forward as expected.

All parties involved are supported and protected. There should never be any concern that a Surrogate Mother will change her mind and decide to keep the baby. The altruistic nature of surrogacy in Canada further guarantees that each Surrogate Mother is fully invested in the gift she is giving.

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