HIV is now a long-term treatable infection. People with HIV have a comparable life spam to people without HIV. Surrogacy is an ideal option for gay Intended Parents with HIV, single Intended Parents with HIV, and other Intended Parents where one or more parties is HIV positive.

When working with the fertility clinic, your health and safety will be the top priority at all times. The clinic will use the most advanced assisted reproduction techniques, laboratory testing and preventative medications to protect you and the Intended Parent’s child.

Using Sperm From an HIV-Positive Man to Create an Embryo for Surrogacy

In 1992, specialists began washing semen from HIV-positive men for insemination in HIV-negative women. Since then, these techniques have advanced significantly, in addition to the development of fully suppressive HIV regimens and the ability to measure HIV in the blood.

Can I Contract HIV Through Surrogacy if My Intended Parents Are HIV Positive?

To date, there have been no cases of HIV being transmitted to an HIV negative person as the result of an embryo transfer. This includes all information dating back to the time frame prior to scientific advances allowing doctors to monitor HIV in the blood and fully suppressive HIV regimen.

In studies of over 4000 cases of HIV-positive sperm being used for intrauterine insemination, IVF, and ICS there has not been one instance of an HIV negative gestational carrier contracting HIV.

What Steps Will Be Taken to Protect Me, the Surrogate, and the Baby From Contracting HIV

An HIV-infected person on antiretroviral therapy with an undetectable viral load cannot spread HIV through sexual contact. This can also be expanded to include surrogacy, as the embryo is created from the HIV-infected person’s sperm and implanted into the Surrogate Mother’s uterus.

In order to be considered non-infectious a person must:

  • be following their HIV treatment protocols and taking all medication as directed
  • have an undetectable viral load for a minimum of 6 months
  • not have contracted any other sexually transmitted infections

To ensure the safety of the Surrogate Mother the Intended Parent is expected to:

  • provide a record of an undetectable viral load dating back 6 months
  • undergo testing for sexually transmitted infections
  • provide multiple semen samples for testing to ensure that the viral levels are undetectable. If HIV is detected in the sperm those samples will be discarded.

Finally, in order to gain added protection for the Surrogate Mother, she will be given antiviral medication prior to the embryo transfer and on an ongoing basis for several weeks. This medication is safely taken in early pregnancy.

Choosing to be a Surrogate Mother for an HIV positive Intended Parent may be a difficult decision that you will have to think through. This is not a decision that anyone can make for you. It is reassuring to know that your health and safety are not at risk when carrying a child for an HIV positive Intended Parent.

Now that HIV is manageable, the child you carry will enjoy healthy parents and be born to a grateful and deserving family. HIV should not be a hindrance to a person’s ability to have a family or experience the joys of parenthood.

At Proud Fertility, we are proud to be education our communities on inclusive practices. We believe everyone deserves the chance to become a parent and fulfill their family dream. You can help us achieve our mission by becoming a Surrogate Mother. Submit a Surrogacy Interest Form to learn more.


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