Canadian Surrogates and Egg Donors choose to become involved with surrogacy and egg donation for many reasons, personal and individual.

Our Surrogates have chosen to help others become parents because they:

Surrogate in Canada Paying it Forward After Infertility

  • have loved ones who experienced infertility
  • have experienced infertility themselves
  • want to be a part of the good in the world
  • enjoy being pregnant
  • love giving birth
  • want others to know the joy of parenthood

Surrogate Erin was told she and her husband would be unable to have children but through Assisted Reproductive Technology Erin was able to give birth to three healthy children. Becoming a parent has been the highlight of her life. Erin understands the pain and grief of being told you can not have children on your own. She also knows many others are not as fortunate as she was, that for some it will be impossible to have a child without the help of a Surrogate or Egg Donor.

Erin’s personal surrogacy motto is: Pay It Forward.



As mentioned in her interview, there are many misconceptions about who can become a Canadian Surrogate. If you have experienced infertility you may still be able to become a Gestational Surrogate for someone else.

You can become a Surrogate if you:

  • are single or unmarried
  • have had a tubal ligation
  • had difficulty conceiving your own children (depending on the medical reason for your fertility challenges)
  • are over the age of 35
  • have given birth many times before
  • have only given birth once
  • have given birth via c-section

Whether you want to pay forward the help you had conceiving your own children, or just want to share in the good of the world, you can become a Surrogate. You have an amazing opportunity to connect with future parents and help them fulfill their family dreams. There is nothing more beautiful, no greater gift. For more information about how to become a Canadian Surrogate visit Become a Surrogate or fill out our Surrogacy Interest Form.

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