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You can still be a Surrogate if your tubes are tied. You don’t even need to have fallopian tubes to be a Surrogate Mother.


Tubal ligation is a procedure many people undergo as a form of permanent birth control. In fact, tubectomy is the most popular form of birth control among married couples who have completed their own family. During a tubal ligation or tubectomy, the fallopian tubes are either severed and sealed or clamped and blocked to prevent pregnancy. Others may have had their tubes completely removed due to ectopic pregnancy or for a variety of medical reasons.


If you would like to become a Surrogate, you’ll be glad to know that your fallopian tubes are not needed to become a Gestational Surrogate.


In Gestational Surrogacy, a fertilized egg (called an embryo) is placed in your uterus. Your eggs and fallopian tubes are not part of the process. Gestational Surrogates do not use their own eggs. The egg used to create the embryo that is placed in a Surrogate’s womb is either the Intended Mother’s egg or an egg from an Egg Donor.


It’s a common misconception that you cannot carry a child for someone else if you have had a tubal ligation. Many people also do not know that they will not be genetically linked to the child they carry. When you become a Surrogate with Proud Fertility, you carry a child that in every way belongs to someone else. You provide a safe home for the baby until it is born, offering the greatest gift that one can give, the gift of family.


As Surrogate Mom, Erin, describes in the video below, you can even become a Surrogate if you have experienced infertility. For answers to other questions about becoming a Surrogate please check out our Surrogacy FAQ!



If you’d like to help others fulfill their family dreams, please contact Proud Fertility. We can guide you through the process of becoming a Surrogate and will be by your side throughout your entire journey.




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