Blog by Managing Director Nathan Chan


Upon receipt of the very first birth announcement I got, I knew that the decision to launch Proud Fertility was the best decision I ever made.


Personally, I had gone through 8 incredibly long years of pursuing the dream of having my own child as a single man and I wanted to help others achieve their dream, even if I couldn’t.


Since that first birth announcement, many more have come and the feeling doesn’t change. It’s more than a sense of feeling accomplished that you got to help some see their dream come to fruition, but also how I got to witness incredible growth between couples.

When supporting these couples as well as Egg Donors and Surrogates, it is humbling to see how they build such close relationships that last a lifetime and the deep sense of pride everyone has on this journey.

Although I am deeply saddened by my own personal losses throughout my journey to become a parent, I am glad to know that it wasn’t in vain and I was able to support another person make their dreams come true.


I fully believe it takes a community to come together to help bring these babies into the world and I’m so honoured that I get to be apart of it!

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