My wife is a surrogate mother to a gay couple. I get asked many questions about this, here are 5 of the questions I get asked most.

People always want to know:

  1. How do you get past the fact that your wife is carrying another man’s baby?

My answer to this is always the same, I’m extremely proud to be with a woman who would sacrifice 9 months of her life. Helping two wonderful people achieve the same happiness we have with our child.


  1. Did your wife have to have sex with another man?

No, in fact, the child is not biologically mine or my wife’s. The two intended parents picked an egg donor and used their own sperm to create an embryo. The embryo was then put into my wife’s uterus so she could carry the baby.


  1. Did your wife decide without your consent?

Me and my wife made the decision for her to become a surrogate together. It was a long and hard decision. Together we decided it would be the best thing in the world if someone who wasn’t able to have a child but wanted children could experience the same joy we have with our children.


  1. How did your wife come to the decision to become a surrogate?

Me and my wife sat down one night and I was telling her about my experience as a child raised by two women. One thing led to another and we got on the topic of surrogacy. We decided to look into it. We both decided together that if she was willing to do it, I would be willing to support her along the way.


  1. Are you worried you will grow attached to the baby?

When I and my wife went into this, we understood we would be doing this for the intended parents. We have stayed very close to the intended parents and we would never want to deprive them of their baby. I am attached to the baby because we as a family did this and I hope the child has the most wonderful life with its intended parents, and I know she will.


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