Pregnancy can make us crave some pretty odd things. Some seem normal, while others are just plain…gross. And other times when we crave certain items, it means our body is lacking in something such as iron.


Here are the top 5 things Proud Fertility surrogates are reporting as their cravings.



Oranges are so good and good for you as they are high in Vitamin C. They are also great for giving your immune system a boost and are also noted for helping make your skin look great.



Ice is a commonly loved thing among pregnant women. However, if you’re pregnant and you have an overwhelming urge to chew on ice, you may want to check in with your doc to get your iron checked. Wanting to chew some ice doesn’t always mean your iron is low, however. It can be great to chew when you’re in that first trimester and feeling sick and need a little more hydration but can’t drink water.



Berries are a great thing to eat during pregnancy. Like oranges they are also high in Vitamin C. Berries also contain lots of antioxidants



Not all of our cravings are healthy ones. Pregnancy isn’t about depriving yourself of the occasional treat. Go ahead and have your Oreos and why not pair it up with a nice cold glass of milk.


5)Hot Wings

Oh, the love of spicy food! Did you know that some women may hate spicy food before pregnancy and once they do get pregnant, spicy food is all they want? Enjoy your wings but watch out for the heartburn!

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