The very idea of your pregnant Surrogate going to McDonald’s might be enough to send you into a rage. After all, pregnant women should only be eating organic foods right? Wrong.   Here are 5 reasons that it’s ok that your pregnant Surrogate goes to McDonald’s (and why it’s totally okay!):  

1) She’s human!

Sometimes we are in need of the occasional quick meal for a number of different reasons. One being that her nausea might be in overdrive and she wants to hit the drive-thru for her other kids to get a quick meal on the table.  

2) It’s not every day.

You can rest assured that your Surrogate is not hitting up the drive through every day getting those beloved chicken nuggets. McDonald’s is a treat for most of us.  

3) Pregnancy Cravings

Enough said. No really. Have you woken up in the middle of the night and wanted something so bad it made you cry. No? Well, trust us when we say it happens. Sometimes we want olives and onions, sometimes it’s chicken nuggets  

4) Eating McDonald’s while pregnant doesn’t mean she’s unhealthy.

Your Surrogate had to pass rigorous screening in order to even become your Surrogate. She needed to endure her body was able to carry a baby and that she was healthy enough to do so. The question comes up about what we eat. Trust us when we say it would show if we ate out every single day. We would not pass.  

5) Because it’s ok.

It’s extremely unrealistic to ask your surrogate to only eat organic foods. It may be an option for some. But for others, depending on where they live, organic foods are extremely expensive, not always available and sometimes not an option at all. Also, refer back to reasons 1-4. Pin It _ It’s ok that your surrogate goes to McDonald’s sometimes_ Proud Fertility Surrogacy and Egg Donation in Canada   Are you a Surrogate Mother who can’t stop craving McDonald’s? Check out this information on making healthier choices at fast food restaurants when pregnant:

Fast Food During Pregnancy: What To Order And What To Avoid

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