Every now and then, Proud Fertility receives mean comments regarding surrogacy, egg donation and being an intended parent. While we normally just hit the delete button for hurtful comments, we decided to address some of the ridiculous ones we have received. We even made a video!


How can you possibly give up a baby that you’ve carried for 9 months you’re messed up”.


I suppose if you don’t understand how surrogacy works, one might not understand how a surrogate could possibly give up her baby. Simple, it was never her baby, to begin with. She entered into surrogacy knowing that she would carry a baby for someone else and after the pregnancy, the baby would be given to their Intended Parent(s)


You are womb renter”.


This one is just silly. Surrogates aren’t renting anything. They believe in the gift of helping others and they choose the ultimate way in which to do it. They aren’t getting paid. Surrogacy in Canada is completely altruistic.



Go fu****g adopt! So many children need a home. Do you have any humanity”?


I’m sure Intended parents have heard this comment so often. “Just go adopt”! Do you have ANY idea how difficult the adoption process can be for some? Did you also know it can take years before you are able to be matched with a child that is eligible for adoption? If you are a single parent, you will also have an even bigger struggle if you’re seeking an international adoption as there are less than two counties who are willing to adopt to single parents. We understand that there are children out there who need homes but it isn’t just as simple as signing up and saying you’re ready to adopt.


You have no business running a surrogacy agency when you can’t even get yourself a baby”.


This is one of those jaw-dropping comments. To insinuate that someone shouldn’t dare help others make their family building dreams come true because they’ve had an incredibly hard time making their own dreams come true is not only ridiculous, it’s downright malicious.


“Isn’t using a surrogate for pretentious women and celebrities”.


To sum it up in a word, “Nope”. There is a common misunderstanding that surrogacy is only for celebrities but it’s important to remember that not just celebrities suffer from infertility or are unable to conceive children in the traditional manner. As for it being for pretentious women, most surrogacy companies do not allow for vanity surrogacy.


People definitely love to share their opinions about things they don’t understand or things they may not agree with and while it’s ok to have different opinions, there is certainly a way you can express them without being mean about it?


Have you ever received a mean comment about your Surrogacy journey? Let us know.




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