There are many reasons why surrogates and intended parents communicate with each other and many ways this communication can be possible.


It is important to figure out among yourselves how often you’d like to communicate and by which methods work best for everyone.


Some like communication via phone calls, emails, video chats, and texting, as well as in-person meetings. While others have a preferred method of contact.


How often would you like to communicate with your surrogate or intended parent and what kinds of updates would you like.


We have many intended parents and surrogates who communicate daily and share how their day went and if they have any information on the pregnancy. The most popular way to communicate for daily updates seems to be using the What’s App messaging program.


While daily updates might be something you want, it is important to keep in mind about what your surrogate is doing and how she is feeling. A surrogate’s life doesn’t pause while she is pregnant and she may be busy with her own children and her partner. Or she may be not feeling the best with first trimester sickness. It is important to be mindful that daily communication may not be possible 100% of the time.

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Proud Fertility also has other surrogates and intended parents who set aside a time for weekly communication via video chatting or phone calls. FaceTime and Skype are excellent tools to use for this and can save a great deal on long distance fees.


Remember that some people can find it awkward to sit in front of a camera and not know what to say.


It’s so important to discuss what types of communication everyone is comfortable with. You don’t want to have one party expecting and hoping for video communication if the other party is not comfortable.


As much as everyone would love to sit down face to face, it isn’t always possible due to distance. Whenever the opportunity presents itself, ensure that all parties are comfortable meeting in person and at a time and location that works for everyone.


Overwhelming someone is never something anyone wants to do and sometimes excessive communication does this. Laying out the details of how you expect and intend to provide updates, makes for a much smoother experience for everyone.


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