At some point in your surrogacy journey, you may find that your sperm, eggs or embryos need to be moved from one place to another. Frozen eggs and embryos are cryo-preserved or cryo-conserved: the process of cooling to very low temperatures (about −80 °C via solid carbon dioxide or −196 °C via liquid nitrogen) to stop enzymatic or chemical activity which might cause damage to your sperm, eggs or embryos. Cryo-shipping is transporting cryopreserved material, safely.


There are couriers who specialize in cryo-shipping. We can help you find a carefully vetted cryo-shipper or one will be recommended by your fertility/IVF clinic.


There are many reasons that it might be necessary or a good idea to ship your frozen sperm, eggs, or embryos.


You may want to cryo-ship your embryos if you’ve had multiple failed IVF cycles at your current clinic.


You may experience multiple failed IVF cycles at one clinic and want to try another IVF clinic in hopes of having a higher chance of success.


You may want to cryo-ship your embryos, eggs, or sperm to save money.


You may find that treatment can be done for a better value at another location. In this case, it could save you substantial money to move your embryos, eggs, or sperm to another location.


You may choose to cryo-shipping if your embryos have been created somewhere that your Gestational Surrogate is unable to travel to.


Sometimes Gestational Surrogates are afraid of air travel or unable to travel due to work or family commitments. It may be worthwhile to have your embryos moved to a clinic that is closer to her.


If your Egg Donor is unable to travel to your preferred IVF clinic you may have the eggs retrieved at a clinic near her and then cryo-ship them to your fertility clinic.


Egg Donors who are unable to travel can have their eggs retrieved at a clinic more local to them and then those eggs can be shipped.


Your clinic may have storage time restrictions, and, in this case, you may need to have your embryos, eggs or sperm cryo-shipped to move them.


Some clinics have time restrictions on how long you can store your embryos with them.


If you are moving you may want your embryos, eggs, or sperm moved to a clinic that is closer to your new home.


If you are moving to another country or a very long distance from your current clinic you may want to have your embryos moved closer to you for convenience.


As your surrogacy and egg donation agency, should you need to move your eggs, embryos, or sperm, we can help you find the right cryo-shipping company so that you know your precious cargo will ship safely.


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