Is this the magic answer to a successful IVF transfer for surrogates?

No! Of course not. Life is complex, ever changing and almost impossible to nail down, unless you’re Chrissy Teigan. That chicky seems to have life down on lock. As with most things in our lives, anything can happen and there’s zero guarantees or hacks for ensuring success in getting pregnant. But isn’t it fun to try? It’s human nature to hope against all odds, and many ladies swear by traditions and rituals they’ve been told and used on their journeys to becoming gestational surrogates.


Surrogacy Traditions in Canada - Surrogate Moms eat McDonald's fries after their embryo transfers


McDonald’s fries and ice cream increase the chance that your embryo transfer will be a successful one.

We have no idea where this tradition originated, but it’s been a popular one in recent times. Many surrogates have sworn by enjoying french fries and ice cream post transfer. Whether small, medium or large, those sweet salty sticks of spuds are a fan favourite for many. Add to that, delicious soft serve ice cream to satiate any sweet tooth. And for those out there who like to push boundaries, combining the two items together is a sweet ‘n’ salty snack for your taste buds. Perhaps it’s the dopamine release, a neurotransmitter produced in the brain, that produces feelings of reward and accomplishment. Afterall, you did just welcome an embryo into your uterus!

Fertility Stones, Crystals, and Statues

Crystals have many valuable uses, particularly where fertility is concerned. Moonstones hold a deep feminine energy, symbolic of your inner goddess, fertility, and sensuality. It’s even thought to grant wishes. Carnelian stones can balance body energies and attract good luck. In particular, orange crystals are potency and fertility symbols and have been used in conceiving children. Rose quartz is said to help overall with fertility but also protects during pregnancy and childbirth. Aquamarine protects against miscarriage. There are many other crystals, stones, and gems that can aid in fertility in many ways – balancing hormones, encouraging bodily vitality and more. Want a double dose of effectiveness? Fertility goddess statues are another favorite and can be sculpted from the very same stones you wish to keep close. Speaking of stones, there are also the Mên-an-Tol stones in Cornwall, United Kingdom. The stones date back almost 4,500 years and it’s said that any woman who passes through the circular middle of the stones seven times, falls pregnant soon afterward.

Water is life.

Humans are 50-65% water and that percentage is higher in infants and children. Water is a vital requirement for life and health. In many cultures, there are rituals involving water that are said to increase your fertility. As an example, in a particular Swedish town, men disguise themselves as forest spirits and dip women in the local fountains, thus increasing fertility for everyone! Sound like a good plan? Probably not if you don’t want to be arrested here in Canada. And if money isn’t a factor? Then there are many locations around the globe that claim their waters are healing and magical for fertility and pregnancy – just ask Nicole Kidman! But for us regular folks, increasing your water intake and ensuring you’re completely hydrated and healthy is one simple way to improve your odds of that embryo sticking!

The Aurora Borealis

Beliefs from China and Japan have helped increase Icelandic tourism in recent years. It’s said that the Northern Lights contain mystical properties that aid in fertility and conception. Thankfully, we here in Alberta don’t have to travel so far to experience the magical phenomenon. The lights can often be seen outside of major city lights, as far south as Calgary when the skies permit. Adventuring under the colorful skies could be the key to ensuring your uterus is blessed and baby sticks and grows after transfer. After all, it is also said that any child who basks in the glow of the Aurora Borealis lives a life of luck and happiness.

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