Canadian Surrogacy

By Canadian law, gestational surrogacy is legal and altruistic.  It’s a selfless opportunity to give a gift unlike any other. You would allow the use of your body to help support the growth and development of a baby, for people who would otherwise be unable to have a child.  A gestational surrogate consents to having an embryo transferred into her body, the desired result being a healthy pregnancy and child.  The baby born has no genetic connection to the surrogate mother, which means….

Eggs Not Required

To be a gestational surrogate, your genetic material (aka your “eggies”) are not required at all!   Although you will generously provide the baby with a safe and warm environment in which to develop and would ultimately birth the child, you would not be biologically related.  Instead, the intended parents would choose to use their own eggs, if available, or would chose an egg donor to assist them on their surrogacy journey.

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Why Choose to Be a Surrogate Then?

Choosing to be a gestational surrogate is a very individual decision and surrogates choose the journey for many different reasons.  We asked surrogates for their reasons if they chose to share, and here’s what they said:

  • The Gift of Family. “My brother was a single gay man, in a time when neither was supported. I’m doing this to honor the family he never had. “
  • One Last Time. “My husband and I know that we don’t want to extend our family.  We’re happy and balanced.  But I loved being pregnant.  I loved the changes and want to experience that once more.”
  • A Rose By Any Other Name. “I feel like my IP’s are my extended family. We chose each other and have embarked on a path together.  We fully plan to continue our friendship beyond the birth and share news of our lives.”
  • A Sisterhood. “My surrogate sisters have been some of the kindest,  most courageous and giving women I’ve ever met.  Because of this shared, extraordinary choice, we now have connected in a way no one else would understand.”

Reasons vary with every unique surrogate that has dedicated themselves to this journey, but Canadian altruistic surrogacy is most definitely rooted in the heart.



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