Curious About Becoming A Surrogate?

There are many varied and valid reasons to choose to become a gestational surrogate.  Your reason or reasons will be just as unique as you are.  While it would be amazing to be able to accept every kind-hearted and giving woman who inquires, there are some standards to meet in order to be approved for a surrogacy journey. Read below to learn about surrogate qualifications.


Do I Need to Have Children to Become a Surrogate?

For surrogacy, it is required that the potential surrogate mother has been pregnant and given birth, at least once, whether vaginally or by belly birth (c-section). Although it is true that each pregnancy is different,  It is of value to be knowledgeable about how you personally experience pregnancy and birth.  You should truly be fully informed and understanding of what you are committing to as a gestational surrogate, on an emotional, physical and spiritual level.


Do I Need a Psycho-Social Evaluation to Become a Surrogate?

Every potential surrogate receives a referral for psycho-social evaluation by a psychologist.  Although it sounds complicated, the evaluation really consists of a conversation regarding the surrogate’s life, family and friends, and beliefs held around the surrogacy; an assessment of the woman’s mental health and social support and connections.  A surrogacy journey is a serious commitment and for the safety and health of everyone involved, an evaluation of their well being is a small but important step.

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Medical Screening for Surrogacy

In order to become a surrogate mother, it is required that you complete a number of medical tests to ensure your physical wellness.  This is a combination of blood work such as a complete blood count, glucose, and other similar tests.  Other procedures, such as an hysterosonograph, may be conducted to further understand the potential surrogate’s health, specifically within the reproductive organs.  These investigations are completed to form a full picture of the woman’s physical health, to ensure the greatest odds of a successful transfer, pregnancy, and birth.



The Most Important Qualification for Becoming a Gestational Surrogate: An Altruistic Heart

Becoming a surrogate, for any reason, is an admirable and generous gift beyond compare.  You’re helping give the gift of family.  It’s a life-changing, emotionally-charged experience for everyone involved, and creates lifelong relationships for many gestational surrogates and their intended parents.  But being a surrogate is not a paycheque.  You will be reimbursed for pregnancy-related expenses, but otherwise, you are not compensated financially for committing to the surrogacy.  In Canada, it’s considered altruistic, and regardless of your personal reasons for choosing to become a surrogate, ultimately, you recognize that this decision is done with selfless and compassionate intentions.



What Do I Not Need?

As a gestational surrogate, you do NOT need the following: an IQ admired among the Mensa elite, the body of a supermodel, flawless skin, a winning smile, or any other superficial characteristic defined by today’s pop culture beauty standards.  Your genetic gifts don’t factor into the surrogacy equation; therefore your strong familial chin or other perceived “flaws” don’t make you ineligible for surrogacy, they simply and beautifully combine to create you.  What does matter is the generosity and capacity of your being. Your kindheartedness, empathy, selflessness, and compassion are what’s important and give back to the world more than just a smile could.

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