No matter what kind of journey you embark on, support is always important! When deciding to be a surrogate I couldn’t make this decision on my own! If I was single at the time I would have had no issues pushing forward alone as many single surrogates do with strength and pride! When you are in a relationship, you are a team and without the whole team committed to supporting you in your journey, you cannot move forward!


Hes my other half


I take pride in the fact that not only is my boyfriend my best friend, but he’s also my partner, team-mate and my other half! When I wanted to be a surrogate, I needed his blessing and his support. Going through a pregnancy with me, knowing it’s not his child, but helping me with the extra duties around the house and helping me to take care of myself along the way!


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He’s been my voice of reason when I want to make decisions with my heart instead of my head! And above all, he helps me find the good in bad days, and reminds me why I wanted to be a gestational carrier in the first place!


Im truly lucky


I’m truly lucky to have found a man like him! He has talked about profiles of different Intended Parents with me, and we have made choices as to the type of Intended Parents would be the best to work with us. I fully included him. I think I have even convinced him to give me my injections when I start the IVF meds. LOL.


When my partner looked at me and told me that my kind heart and my passions are why he loves me so much, I can’t help but think he is the strength behind this crazy woman and he is the reason I have confidence in my surrogacy journey.


It’s crazy what life throws at me sometimes but with him, I feel like I can handle anything. He has been a big part of my surrogacy journey to move forward.

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