Dear Breastmilk Donors

Most people know the amazing miracle that breastfeeding and breastmilk is….   It contains antibodies that defend your baby against infection Breastmilk can soothe diaper rashes, ear and eye infections and plugged eye ducts (common in newborns!)...

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Four Ways of Honouring the Loss of Your Angel Baby

Trigger warning:  This blog discusses pre-term and neonatal loss and the experience many families face when losing a child.  If you are feeling vulnerable at this time, we wish to not cause you any distress during a time when you are regaining...

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Three Ways to Remember Your Surrogacy Journey

Belly Casting   Belly casting is a fun way of preserving your pregnancy memories.  It celebrates the journey of pregnancy and reflects the beautiful changes your body experiences.   Casts can be left “raw” (sealed to prevent moisture...

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Our Biggest Surrogacy Announcement, Yet!

Although he discovered that he has built a beautiful chosen family through surrogacy and Proud Fertility, Managing Director Nathan Chan still held tight to his dream of becoming a father.   Proud Fertility was built upon the ashes of his previous surrogacy...

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Becoming a Parent: More Than DNA

It's so much more than DNA Becoming a parent is so much more than sharing the same DNA with your child.   Being a parent means that you dedicate the rest of your life to raising a child. Whether that child enters your life from birth, or you come along...

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Surrogates Can Eat McDonald’s

The very idea of your pregnant Surrogate going to McDonald’s might be enough to send you into a rage. After all, pregnant women should only be eating organic foods right? Wrong.   Here are 5 reasons that it’s ok that your pregnant Surrogate goes to...

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