Our Biggest Surrogacy Announcement, Yet!

Although he discovered that he has built a beautiful chosen family through surrogacy and Proud Fertility, Managing Director Nathan Chan still held tight to his dream of becoming a father.   Proud Fertility was built upon the ashes of his previous surrogacy...

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Earth Day 2018: 4 Reasons Cloth Diapers are the Ish

Today is Earth Day, I wanted to take the time to talk about something that is great for the Earth; Cloth Diapering! After attending the Great Cloth Diapering Change in Calgary, Alberta, I learned about four reasons why cloth diapering can be a great choice...

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Preparing for your Psycho-social Assessment

Are you feeling a little nervous about your psychosocial assessment interview? The idea of whether or not you can become a parent riding on a single meeting can be enough to put any of us on the verge of a mental breakdown! (keep reading to...

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Becoming a Parent: More Than DNA

It's so much more than DNA Becoming a parent is so much more than sharing the same DNA with your child.   Being a parent means that you dedicate the rest of your life to raising a child. Whether that child enters your life from birth, or you come along...

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Surrogates Can Eat McDonald’s

The very idea of your pregnant Surrogate going to McDonald’s might be enough to send you into a rage. After all, pregnant women should only be eating organic foods right? Wrong.   Here are 5 reasons that it’s ok that your pregnant Surrogate goes to...

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When the Baby Arrives

Blog by Managing Director Nathan Chan   Upon receipt of the very first birth announcement I got, I knew that the decision to launch Proud Fertility was the best decision I ever made.   Personally, I had gone through 8 incredibly long years of pursuing the dream of...

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